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December 1996

Exasperating judicial delays

First, one was fed up with corruption; now, one is fed up with the incessant talk about corruption leading us nowhere.

Growing up with bada din

B N Uniyal recalls how his conservative mother began to respect Jesus Christ without affecting her traditional faith.

An example Not to be Emulated

Narasimha Rao has met the fate reserved for all men whom history chooses to serve as examples not to be emulated; men who mistake a fortuitous turn of events in their favour to be their deserved destiny.

The worst is yet to come

We are no longer watching an economic horror film. We are living through it. And, the worst, the really hair-raising part of the story, is yet to come.

Surviving on Reluctant Support

With everybody so disenchanted with this coalition, it is a miracle that Deve Gowda still finds himself in office.