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July 1997

A symbol of dalit assertion

They were not there anywhere until the nineteen seventies, the Ambedkar statues, I mean. May be, you had one somewhere in a corner of a big city but few knew about it and fewer still ever visited it.

Bright future and dismal present

Every time I return to Delhi from a dispiriting tour of any part of the country, the first thing I look for is a statement by a visiting foreign industry leader, a merchant banker, or a chief executive of an American or European.

Split will maim Gujral government

We shall have to live with a lame government now, a directionless and decisionless government, a government kicked both by its allies and adversaries, all at the same time.

Vision to see the invisible

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible. I don't know who said it but I know one man who has a vision like that: Dhirubhai Ambani. He sees money where others see nothing.