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June 1996

And he's the man who fights the bull

Forming a cabinet is not an easy task at any time, not even when a leader has an absolute parliamentary majority. It is especially precarious when a cabinet has to be hammered out of a coalition.

Across the hurdle with a rainbow

IT is rather remarkable for the 13-party United Front to have passed the second most difficult hurdle in its way so smoothly and within such a short time of taking office.

What future for Congress?

The Congress today looks like an old banyan tree which had once dominated the scene where it stood but which now stands all dried up with a hollowed stem and wasted branches.

Firmly polite and politely unhelpful

What sort of a Prime Minister will Deve Gowda make? People are just beginning to formulate their first, tentative opinions. Many of those who watched him delivering his maiden speech.

A coalition of two cultures

Delhi and Bombay differ so much from each other in so many ways that one can sometimes hardly believe that they exist within the same country. Delhi is all politics, while Bombay is all business