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June 1997

Congress back on Centrestage

The Congress has throughout been a leader driven party and has always performed best when led by a strong person with unquestioned authority within the party.

Will Gujral become a partyless PM?

If Laloo Yadav and Sharad Yadav divide the Janata Dal between the two of them, to which faction will I K Gujral go?

And hes the man who fights the bull

Life would be so much easier if all that we had to do was to make a choice between right and wrong. But, that is not life's way. It often confronts us with a perplexing choice between one right course.

Towards a new alignment of forces

The Congress and the Janata Dal organisational elections are really developing into civil wars, as the BJP's L K Advani had predicted. The way the rival sides are trading charges against each other