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March 1997

Three stars in search of political debris

We have three stars in our political universe today — the Congress, the CPI-M, and the BJP. All the rest are political debris. None of the three stars possesses enough numerical mass.

A neckband or a noose for Kesari

What sort of a man is Sitaram Kesari whom everybody is blaming for having caused a crisis at a time when the country and the Congress can ill afford one? Not one to fire a shot without .

Congress and the future of United Affront

Supporting the United Front government was, for the Congress, like 'submitting to rape with consent, but there was no need for the front leaders to insist that they must have the blood-stained sheet .

Of Kathiawari bulls and Gujju ambitions

What is that about a Gujarati which makes him a Gujarati or, for that matter, that which makes a Bengali a Bengali or, a Punjabi a Punjabi? It is easy to tell one from the other but difficult .

A coalition of two untouchables

When the many guests from Delhi at a wedding reception in Chennai saw Kanshi Ram, L K Advani and Jitendra Prasada huddled together in a corner of the kalyan mandapam on the budget .

The harm that do-gooders often do

I have travelled through Gujarat from one end to another through the last ten days, from Una on the south coast to Koteshar Mahadev and Lakhpat on the edge of the Great Rann of Kutch.

Beyond the budgetary orgasm

The budget day this year felt like the coming of a second Independence. Everywhere in Madras, Bombay and Ahmedabad I have travelled through the last seven days.

People's trust is easily lost

Twenty-Four hours to the budget and here I am in Chidambaram, 270 km South of Madras, that is, Chennai, close to the Coromandal Coast, and midway to Sivaganga, the constituency.

Waiting for a dream budget

Now is the time for everyone to forget the worst, hope for the best, and sit back and relax, for the dream budget of everyone is just a week away.