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May 1996

Rao back on centrestage

MR P V Narasimha Rao is back on the centrestage, waiting for the National Front-Left Front to beg him to form a government. He is seeing the front breaking into factions and is now waiting.

Heading towards a national haemorrhage

IT is like being freed from lockjaw to be thrown into incessant hiccups. Four days of ceaseless tumult have ushered in a fortnight of tension.

BJP chooses to make a point, and go

1937 the Congress won the assembly elections in eight of the eleven provinces under the Government of India Act of 1935.

BJP as a mirror image of Congress

The BJP is decidedly climbing down to enlarge its contact zone with other parties whose support it failed to gather this time.

Delhi as a political Disneyland

Delhi has been transformed into a political Disneyland where everybody with a seat in Parliament is riding on a fantasy rollercoaster of power, seeing his best hopes and worst fears come true at the same time.