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May 1997

Spectre of the liberated woman

Having conceded reservation for women in village panchayats, there is no justification for men to deny reservation to them in Parliament. And, if men did not ask for caste or community

Surrendering the last checkpost

How ironical that we have to surrender the last checkpost of freedom to western satellite monopolies just as we are celebrating the fiftieth year of our national independence, for Mr Jaipal Reddy's Broadcasting.

Spotting fibs, fobs and lies of politicians

We all have an innate talent to spot when a man is telling a lie, a talent which psychologists are now pressing into service to spot whether a politician is telling a lie or speaking the truth

Will things get better after getting worse?

Given a choice and a chance, 28 per cent of affluent Indians would like to migrate to the West, according to a recent survey conducted by America's MasterCard International.

Kesri puts the boneless wonder on its feet

In these uncertain times, only one thing looks certain, that, like its predecessor, this government too will fall before next year's budget. Whichever way you may look at it, it's a gone case.