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October 1996

Between activism and excess

Public interest litigants have laid a seige around Parliament, binding all parties and their leaders in tight judicial knots. And, though the people are at the moment lapping up judicial pronouncements with great relish.

Split makes no difference to SP-BSP fortunes

The Uttar Pradesh voters have again given as fractured a verdict as they had in the last assembly election in December, 1993, which shows that the 'stability for development' slogan has failed

27th govt in 44 yrs in UP

This will be the 27th government in 44 years in UP where no chief minister has ever lasted a full term in office since the first election in 1952. Only one chief minister, Dr Sampoorananand.

The rage of a man in a cage

There is nothing as pitiable as the rage of a man in a cage or so ridiculous as a weak man pretending to be brave. That was how the poor Sitaram Kesari looked like this week when he fumed.