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Modi’s Gambit

Modi’s Gambit

After making tall election promises on corruption, the only hope for Narendra Modi to come out of the Sushma-Vasundhara morass is to succeed in delivering on development pledges.

Modi’s endgame

Modi’s endgame

Technology seems Modi’s mantra for India, as God was for Gandhi and science for Nehru.

Black money and politics

People expect too much of their politicians. They wish them to be clean, moral, ethical, honest, upright, truthful and saintly, if not saints.

Rahul’s Political Thriller

Party leaders feel that what they need most at this juncture is the awe, aura and authority of the Nehru-Gandhi family rather than experience.

Forever and ever

Food, drinking water, education, healthcare and sanitation are issues that governments and officials say cannot be solved in haste, but this has not prevented them from glossing over other challenges, answers to which are within reach.

An experiment with truth

Rajiv Gandhi wanted to be far more forthright, even contrite, on his mother's Emergency regime than Sonia Gandhi has been in the latest official history of the Indian National Congress.

UP law is a copy of an MP Act

The only difference between the two Acts is that whereas the MP one provides for a maximum fine of Rs. 500 and a maximum jail term of three months.