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Making of a mass leader
Without Bitterness
Modi’s Gambit
Modi’s endgame
Black money and politics
Rahul’s Political Thriller
Birdsong with Krishnan
Birdsong with Krishnan
Spui on Fridays
Spui on Fridays

Politicians' morals were always loose

Politicians' morals have always been loose by contemporary standards. Sardar Patel caused a big scandal when, soon after joining the interim government in 1946, he ordered luxurious furniture. Read More...

Who laid down the midnight tryst?

Why did our leaders choose to announce Independence at midnight, when not only the world but even most Indians were bound to be asleep? There was no television in those days to watch the event live. Read More...

Two right men for troubled times ahead

Politics has never been altogether bereft of good men or totally free of the bad ones. And, what sort of men are chosen for an office of the state at any time depends upon those who have the power to choose them. Read More...

Split will maim Gujral government

We shall have to live with a lame government now, a directionless and decisionless government, a government kicked both by its allies and adversaries, all at the same time. Read More...