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Making of a mass leader
Without Bitterness
Modi’s Gambit
Modi’s endgame
Black money and politics
Rahul’s Political Thriller
Birdsong with Krishnan
Birdsong with Krishnan
Spui on Fridays
Spui on Fridays

And hes the man who fights the bull

Life would be so much easier if all that we had to do was to make a choice between right and wrong. But, that is not life's way. It often confronts us with a perplexing choice between one right course. Read More...

Towards a new alignment of forces

The Congress and the Janata Dal organisational elections are really developing into civil wars, as the BJP's L K Advani had predicted. The way the rival sides are trading charges against each other Read More...

Spotting fibs, fobs and lies of politicians

We all have an innate talent to spot when a man is telling a lie, a talent which psychologists are now pressing into service to spot whether a politician is telling a lie or speaking the truth Read More...

Spectre of the liberated woman

Having conceded reservation for women in village panchayats, there is no justification for men to deny reservation to them in Parliament. And, if men did not ask for caste or community Read More...

Surrendering the last checkpost

How ironical that we have to surrender the last checkpost of freedom to western satellite monopolies just as we are celebrating the fiftieth year of our national independence, for Mr Jaipal Reddy's Broadcasting. Read More...