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Making of a mass leader
Without Bitterness
Modi’s Gambit
Modi’s endgame
Black money and politics
Rahul’s Political Thriller
Birdsong with Krishnan
Birdsong with Krishnan
Spui on Fridays
Spui on Fridays

27th govt in 44 yrs in UP

This will be the 27th government in 44 years in UP where no chief minister has ever lasted a full term in office since the first election in 1952. Only one chief minister, Dr Sampoorananand. Read More...

Throwing stones from a glass house

IT is difficult these days to find a member of Parliament one can admire. Therefore, it hurts much to be told that someone you had esteemed as a model member is also a crook like others. Read More...

The Decade of the Judges, and of the media

This will go down (or, shall we say, go up) in our history as the Decade of the Judges. We could have called it the Decade of Reforms but for all the mess which Narasimha Rao and his ministerial. Read More...

No, not another Bogus Janata Party!

Interfering in neighbours' domestic discord isn't fair but it isn't fair either to stand aloof when a bride is about to be burnt in the neighbourhood. Read More...

Rao - like a sick temple elephant

With every passing day, Narasimha Rao looks ever more like a sick temple elephant — too weak to do the temple duties but too stout to be turned out of his enclosure. His opponents in the party. Read More...