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Making of a mass leader
Without Bitterness
Modi’s Gambit
Modi’s endgame
Black money and politics
Rahul’s Political Thriller
Birdsong with Krishnan
Birdsong with Krishnan
Spui on Fridays
Spui on Fridays

Original controversialists

Every time Dr Karan Singh reached a critical point in his lecture, he avoided dealing with it in good length, saying. “I don’t want to go into the details. Read More...

Politics alone will not be enough

MY last week's contrasting portrayal of the two different cultures of Bombay and Delhi in this column has provoked strong reactions from friends and readers in both the cities. Read More...

We cannot do without politicians

AT what stage a politician facing a charge of corruption should be debarred from seeking public office, or be forced to step down from the one he or she may already be holding? Read More...

A coalition of two cultures

Delhi and Bombay differ so much from each other in so many ways that one can sometimes hardly believe that they exist within the same country. Delhi is all politics, while Bombay is all business Read More...